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YAY! I was doing quite the happy dance when our makeup shipment arrived! I am just loving everything about THE COCKTAIL COLLECTION. Your favorite cocktails in eyeshadow form, I mean…YES, please!!!!

These palettes are BOLD and will help you make a statement, no doubt about it. It's hard to pick a favorite, but man the MOJITO palette sure catches my eye! Those greens, what's not to love?! Anybody else getting some Euphoria vibes from this palette??

If the COCKTAIL COLLECTION is not your cup of tea, I got you covered with the ESPRESSO COLLECTION. Beautiful neutrals complete the Espresso Your Love and Espresso Yourself palettes. You can't go wrong with these staples! Plus the price point is a bargain at $24.50 per palette for the COCKTAIL COLLECTION and $29.00 per palette for the ESPRESSO COLLECTION. 

Available for purchase today! There is a VERY limited quantity of each so be sure to snag up your favorites right away! Maybe an early Christmas present?

Happy Friday and happy shopping from Nicholle at Wild Roots!

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